Truck Rental Company in Lincoln, NE

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Make the rental process easier by choosing Rent ‘N Drive. As a trusted truck rental company in the Lincoln, NE, area, thanks to our honest staff and competitive rates.

Moving Truck

Boasting a wide selection of pickups and moving trucks, we offer incredible equipment to help get the job done. Whether you’re hauling property across Lancaster County or need to move tools to a storage unit, get the quality truck rental you deserve at our local company. We’re dedicated to serving the hard-working residents in the area and do whatever it takes to satisfy clients.

If you need a pickup truck or moving truck rental for one day, a week, or an entire month, let our experts know and we’ll work on getting exactly what you need. We offer specials deals, depending on how far you plan to travel. Remember, our goal is making clients happy, keeping them on road, and getting them to their intended destinations on time. When you do business with this truck rental company, you’re working with the premier rental service in town.

Cut the costs of truck rentals by contacting our business first. At Rent ‘N Drive, you’ll find the best deals, friendliest customer service, and most powerful trucks in Lancaster County.

Pickup Truck Rental

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First 100 Miles Free ... 20 Cents/Mile

Moving Truck Rental

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.79 Cents/Mile


First 100 Miles Free ... 39 Cents/Mile

Insurance Damage Waiver - $12/15 Day
Hourly Late Return Charge - $5/Hour (4 Hour Maximum)
*Unlimited rates require a three-day minimum rental